Turtle (Defense)

A Matter of Protection in Native American Culture

North American Natives have a life philosophy based in nature, and believe that every object, even inanimate ones, have a soul, and regard everything in nature as sacred. Seen as Mother Nature’s representative, the turtle, with its hard exterior shell, is seen as the symbol of self-protection.

It is a Matter of…

It is impossible not to be jealous of some animals. Imagine wearing a shield that can turn into a caravan whenever you like. Who wouldn’t want such super-power protection? If you could make it, it would sell like hotcakes, but that is another matter...

Peshtemal - Turtle (Defense)


Our peshtemals are made from the finest quality locally produced linen and cotton, and are woven using traditional methods. The symbols are embroidered using traditional flannel fabrics and natural yarns.

Highly absorbent.
Takes up little space.
Ideal for babies.

Can be used at the pool, in the bath, at the beach, in the sauna or Turkish bath, during sports, or at the Spa.

Peshkir2 - Turtle (Defense)


2nd generation Mesele Peshkirs are woven in Buldan, with traditional techniques on handlooms, that have 80% slower stroke speed than the ones used in mass production. The symbols are embroidered with naturally dyed wool yarns on 100% cotton peshkirs.

Dries quickly. 
Lightweight and takes up little space. 
Kind to your skin. 
Pre-washed and soft.
Sold in packs of two as White-Red, Red-White and Black -White. 
Can be used in the kitchen as a hand towel, dish cloth or pot-holder, in the bathroom as a face, hair, hand or guest towel, or at the dinner table as a napkin or place mat.

This special Anatolian cloth is known as the ancestor of towels, with the name coming from the Farsi Piş (front) and Gir (to hold). Found in many regions and palaces, it was used as a place setting or a napkin placed on the lap, and was given great importance in the Ottoman palace. In the present day, still keeping its function as a napkin it can also be used as a towel.

Global Charming - Turtle...


In order to add more meaning to your life, Mesele symbols from different cultures have been transformed into accessories that you can wear all the time.

Fertility, change, strength, endurance, cocklebur, soul protection, defence, love, maternal affection, abundance, good fortune, luck, peace, 15 different symbol charms bearing meanings of mother nature can be attached to the spheres on the chains.They can be used with your other accessories as well as the Global Charming. You can carry the symbol you chose with you or have the super power you like.

All hand made.
Durable and precious with gold plate on sterling silver.
Can be used with any thread, leather cord, chain, etc.
Having the power of symbol near you separately or attached to a safety pin.

Ehlikeyif - Turtle (Defense)


Gaziantep’s famous copper is known for the fact that items are made from a single piece of copper, without any forging. All of the symbols have been chiseled by hand.

An Ehlikeyif is a special copper bowl in which you place ice around the outer chamber, and a rakı glass in the center; it then keeps the drink cool without watering it down. This is a very unique item with a very special use. Fill the outer chamber with water, add a few drops of scented oil, light a candle in the center, and the rest is simply a matter of pleasure.

Emits a soft light and a pleasant aroma.
Relaxing and comforting.
Creates a pleasant ambiance. 
If you remove the candle, you can use it as a classic Ehlikeyif.
Extra candle cartridges are available for purchase.

You can use this in the bedroom, in your office, in the bathroom, in the garden, during meditation, or when practicing yoga.

CONTENTS: Copper ehlikeyif, two candles,10 cc natural lavender oil.