Ceramic - Snowflake (Hope)
  • Ceramic - Snowflake (Hope)
  • Ceramic - Snowflake (Hope)
  • Ceramic - Snowflake (Hope)
  • Ceramic - Snowflake (Hope)

Ceramic Bowl - Snowflake (Hope)

These bowls are fragile to ship via courier kindly contact us to purchase from the available designs.

A Matter of a New Start in the New Year

Throughout human history, the snowflake has been a symbol of innocence, purity and uniqueness. It has attracted _many cultures with its mysterious structure, and has enchanted many scientists over the years with its chemical and _physical properties. The snowflake is one of the most important symbols representing the New Year, which is not attached to any religious beliefs, and it also represents the hopes and dreams which are born along with the New Year.

It is a Matter of… 

We all believe that a new year will open a blank new page in our lives, which is white like the snow. The vast expanse of _sea that we call hope is a world that offers food to both the rich and the poor... And we all actually live just as long as _we have wished. So if your wishes do not come true, don’t be upset and fret over this. You still have ahead of you many birthday candles, shooting stars, falling eyelashes, the gap between  two people with the same name... and if none of these work out,  365 days later, another New Year still awaits you. In other words, you are the very source of wishes and hope.

Gifting Reasons:

With its symbol representing hope in all languages, this is the perfect gift to give those who you wish a new start in their lives, and you want to live together in a better world.

When you think of a “good luck gift, Valentine's Day gift, birth gift, wedding gift, new business gift, housewarming gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift” this is the first thing that comes to mind.

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