Comb (Starting a Family)

A Matter of Destiny in Anatolia 

In Anatolia’s 8000 years of history, the most important tools people have used to express their desires and feelings are the motifs that we see on weavings like carpets. The comb motif, which is a version of hand and finger figures symbolizing fertility and good luck, is generally related to destiny. This motif is used to express birth and the urge to get married.

It is a Matter of…

Yes, the more crowded the world gets, the louder it sounds. Therefore it is getting harder and harder for us to hear our inner voices. However there is a dream of starting a family lies in every one of us by nature. So please don’t you worry your pretty head about it and just wear this comb.

Global Charming - Comb...


In order to add more meaning to your life, Mesele symbols from different cultures have been transformed into accessories that you can wear all the time.

Fertility, change, strength, endurance, cocklebur, soul protection, defence, love, maternal affection, abundance, good fortune, luck, peace, 15 different symbol charms bearing meanings of mother nature can be attached to the spheres on the chains.They can be used with your other accessories as well as the Global Charming. You can carry the symbol you chose with you or have the super power you like.

All hand made.
Durable and precious with gold plate on sterling silver.
Can be used with any thread, leather cord, chain, etc.
Having the power of symbol near you separately or attached to a safety pin.