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A Matter of Love in Asia and Europe- Eternal Love Knot (Commitment)

Size 2x3cm
Color Yellow Gold
Material 14K Gold Plated Bronze
Care Avoid contact with water, soap, cosmetic and cleaning supplies.

This necklace which is handcrafted by our craftsman by knotting thin metal ropes together is a symbol of commitment in all respects.Your necklace comes with a red box containing the 4500 years old ancient symbol’s story to state your eternal love and commitment.

  • A 4500 years old symbol from Harappa to Celts,Tibet,China,India and many more civilizations.
  • Expression of love in a meaningful and valuable way.
  • Optional chain lengths.
Chain Length
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Love in Asia and Europe - Infinite Love Knot (Commitment)

Earliest findings regarding the symbol known as ‘Eternal Love Knot’ isan ancient clay tablet plate that dates back to 2500 B.Clocated in Harappa, the oldest known civilization in Southeast Asia. A strange incidence to note is this symbol was used in many cultures:in Celts of Central Europe, Ancient China and Tibet culture, and Buddhism.

This knot symbolizes the balance between opposite forces(the masculine and feminine energy) of the universe. With its intertwined hearts that are tied endlessly, it symbolizes the everlasting and imperishable bond between two lovers, and the merge of the souls. There have been numerous global traditions influenced by the Eternal Love Knot: lovers knotting it onto a tree(Celts), married couples tying their hands with a ribbon (Hindu), tying the bride’s wedding dress with this knot (Roman), and later traditions like tying the engagement rings together with this knot.

It is a matter of: We are going for a journey to discover the roots of phrases such as bound in love and oath to loyalty. Here is a knot that ties European cultures to Asian ones. Here are engagement rings tied using the Eternal Love Knot… The world is small, and love is big. Even those who are foolishly in love can easily see the heart hidden in this knot. Two hearts intertwined, two lives merged.


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