Protection Multiplier Scarf (Small)

Size 32x32cm
Color Coral
Material %100 Silk
  • %100 Silk
  • Free hand drawing printed digitally.
  • Dry clean only
  • Avoid alcohol,hair sprey or chemicals and direct sunlight for a long period.

Scarf that brings all the protection symbols at once - FuuLAR

We all have a need to protect ourselves from sickness, harm and the evil eye. Among all the symbols, the protection symbols have the most variance in the world. Drawing on Native American, Anatolia, Celtic, Egyptian, African and Polish tribal cultures, we meet the need for protection by utilizing these universally-accepted symbols. Whether you wish to wrap around your neck, hair or wrist, this product is designed to shield anything you wish to protect. This 70% cotton 30% silk-printed scarf is a collaboration project of two brands.


Evil eye, triquetra, evil trap, shenu, ka, sphinx, turtle, sielulintu, chicken foot

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