Wish Multiplier Scarf (Medium)

Size 65x65cm
Color Black - White - Red
Material %100 Silk
  • %100 Silk
  • Free hand drawing printed digitally.
  • Dry clean only
  • Avoid alcohol,hair sprey or chemicals and direct sunlight for a long period.
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Scarf that symbolically brings you all the good wishes at once - Fuular

Our wishes are rooted in belief… Stars, trees, seeds, symbols, fabrics, beads… for thousands of years, all kinds of objects have expressed our wishes… We wanted build a Mesele that embodies the wish of you and your loved ones. With the power of symbols from global cultures - Native American, Viking, Germanic Tribes and more - we draw on universally acknowledged luck symbols with this product. Whether you wish to wrap around your neck, hair, or wrist, this pure silk-printed scarf is a collaboration project of two brands: Mesele Slow Design and KIRK3. FuuLAR will help fulfill your wishes, as well as those close to you.

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