Soap – Cocklebur (Baby Skin)


A Matter of Delicate Baby Skin - Fennel-Almond-Cocoa-Sesame

Babies’ skin is delicate and highly sensitive. This soap offers the strengthening properties of almond oil, the relaxing properties of fennel, the protective properties of cocoa butter, and the nourishing properties of sesame oil.

Our soap consists of 80% olive oil which is sourced from İzmir-Seferihisar, is of edible quality, and is full of miraculous properties. A small amount of natural coconut oil is added in order to make it lather. Furthermore, in our soaps you can also find unique healing natural oils from Turkey’s different regions.

Entirely handmade.

The soap consists of 80% edible olive oil.

Has been enriched with plants and oil extracts from various parts of Anatolia.

You can use this soap on your entire body and on your hair.

Is very different from the soaps that you know.