Numerological Towel...


A matter of Patchwork

Patchwork’s origins goes all the way back to th B.C. 100, and known to have its Anatolian roots from the Seljuk era. Called as Kırkyama, Yamalıbohça and Kırkpare, this handcraft is a recycling art which is emerged in order to reuse of leftover fabrics. The technique known as patchwork, is estimated to be distributed to West via the Silk Road and accepted as an art form in Europe and even managed to create its own industry there. Today, although it is a lost and forgotten handcraft, patchwork is now in our collection with this miniature example.

  • Special weaving and dye process
  • Easy to dry, globalisation with the power of symbols on the patchworks sent together.
  • You can use this towel at beach, bath, spa or hammam

A matter of Numerology: This towel weighs 376 grams. The surprising part is that once it absorbs water, its weight reaches to 835 grams. It has around 322 fringes which are 3.4 centimeters long. As if that’s not enough, it dries in only 610 seconds. If these have not gotten your attention then check this out: the numerological value related to this towel (calculated by adding the numbers until they become one figure) is 7.

7 is a symbol of unity, integrity and perfect order. 7 is blessed in every belief and civilization. 7 days, 7 planets, 7 wonders of world, 7 colors etc… In addition, this product is part of the collection at the 7th birthday of Mesele, and we believe this coincidence is truly meaningful.