Sphinx (Special Protection)

A Matter of Protection in Egypt

The famous Great Sphinx at the Pyramid of Giza is the world’s most ancient sphinx, built in 2500BC. The sphinx is a figure which could be found in Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Etruscan and Anatolian civilizations, as well as in the traditions of the Far East and South America. A sphinx is a creature which is a blend of humans and various animals, and holds numerous meanings, depending on the characteristics of the animal and human which make up the sphinx. They are generally used for the protection of cities or holy places.

It is a Matter of…

You have now been presented with the opportunity to create your own personal protector. Choose your animal according to its characteristics, and personalize your sphinx however you wish. For example, you can choose a magpie as a protector which wears out those that surround you without using any physical force. To have protection both on land and in water, just choose an amphibian or a turtle, which is the ancestor of Aikido, and provides protection without attack. Whether it is a camel, a moat, or a sphinx, they all amount to the same thing - protection!

Ehlikeyif - Sphinx (Special...

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Gaziantep’s famous copper is known for the fact that items are made from a single piece of copper, without any forging. All of the symbols have been chiseled by hand.

An Ehlikeyif is a special copper bowl in which you place ice around the outer chamber, and a rakı glass in the center; it then keeps the drink cool without watering it down. This is a very unique item with a very special use. Fill the outer chamber with water, add a few drops of scented oil, light a candle in the center, and the rest is simply a matter of pleasure.

Emits a soft light and a pleasant aroma.
Relaxing and comforting.
Creates a pleasant ambiance. 
If you remove the candle, you can use it as a classic Ehlikeyif.
Extra candle cartridges are available for purchase.

You can use this in the bedroom, in your office, in the bathroom, in the garden, during meditation, or when practicing yoga.

CONTENTS: Copper ehlikeyif, two candles, 10 cc natural lavender oil.