Yin Yang (Balance)

A Matter of Life in Far East 

Yin Yang is the balance of life. It is an East Asian philosophy, which believes that opposites may live together and give rise to each other. Yin Yang does not describe anything as “good” or “bad”. The symbol defines the universe as the dynamics of the opposites, summarizes the truth beneath the existence in a perfect way and has spread through the world with its impressive philosophy.

It is a Matter of…

First realize that good cannot exist without evil, beautiful without ugly, even existence without absence and then accept it. We advise you to own this Mesele in order to maintain your balance which can easily be upside down in the modern life.

Peshkir2 - Yin Yang (Balance)


2nd generation Mesele Peshkirs are woven in Buldan, with traditional techniques on handlooms, that have 80% slower stroke speed than the ones used in mass production. The symbols are embroidered with naturally dyed wool yarns on 100% cotton peshkirs.

Dries quickly.
Lightweight and takes up little space.
Kind to your skin.
Pre-washed and soft.
Sold in packs of two as  White-Black and Black-White.
Can be used in the kitchen as a hand towel, dish cloth or pot-holder, in the bathroom as a face, hair, hand or guest towel, or at the dinner table as a napkin or place mat.

This special Anatolian cloth is known as the ancestor of towels, with the name coming from the Farsi Piş (front) and Gir (to hold). Found in many regions and palaces, it was used as a place setting or a napkin placed on the lap, and was given great importance in the Ottoman palace. In the present day, still keeping its function as a napkin it can also be used as a towel.

Enamel Round Tray - Yin...


Dishwasher safe

Oven safe

Easily heats up and conserves heat

Combines resilience of steel with health benefits of glass

Ideal for all oven food recipes like lasagna and pastries

Can be used as a serving tray

Can also be used as a decorative object

Unlike porcelain, enamel doesn't lower the contained liquid's temperature quickly, but conserves it for long. We recommend you to handle them with oven mittens or a piece of cloth when they are hot.

Enamel Pannikin - Dotted -...


Suitable for outdoor use.

Freezer safe.

Oven safe.

Dishwasher safe.

Easily heats up and conserves heat.

Unlike porcelain, enamel doesn't lower the contained liquid's temperature quickly, but conserves it for long.


CAUTION: Hot Tip! Please be careful! Enamel, by nature, warms up very quickly and preserves its warmth for long like all other metal kitchen appliances and cutlery. In order for you not to hurt your lips, we recommend you to fill your mug no more than 70%, hold the handle carefully and wait for a while before you drink if you put boiling water in it.