Ansuz and Ingwaz (Love)

A Matter of Soul in Viking 

Vikings were a worrier tribe who conquered many regions of Northern Europe between 800 and 1100AD. Vikings used the Runic alphabet which means ‘mystery’ in Scandinavian mythology. In the Runic alphabet, the letter ‘Ahn-sooz’ symbolizes the father or all gods, Odin, as well as communication and spiritual power.  The ‘Ing-wahz’ letter symbolizes bounty, peace and energy. The two letters together symbolize the power and greatness of love. This combination was often used in gifts given to wives.

It is a Matter Of…

For those of you who says “I have not yet found love”, we advise you to take inspiration from the Vikings who fought in savagery in ice cold lands. To love or be loved, isn’t this one of life’s fundamental questions? No matter what, it’s a matter for us!

Global Charming - Ansuz and...


In order to add more meaning to your life, Mesele symbols from different cultures have been transformed into accessories that you can wear all the time.

Fertility, change, strength, endurance, cocklebur, soul protection, defence, love, maternal affection, abundance, good fortune, luck, peace, 15 different symbol charms bearing meanings of mother nature can be attached to the spheres on the chains.They can be used with your other accessories as well as the Global Charming. You can carry the symbol you chose with you or have the super power you like.

All hand made.
Durable and precious with gold plate on sterling silver.
Can be used with any thread, leather cord, chain, etc.
Having the power of symbol near you separately or attached to a safety pin