Chicken Foot (Mother’s Bosom)

A Matter of Protection in Africa

The Akan tribe, who live on the shores of Western Africa, have a system of symbols which they call Adinkra, one of which is called ‘Akoko Nan’. This symbolizes the proverb ‘A mother’s foot can step on her children but will never harm them’! This is an affectionate and protective symbol which advises raising children with love, but without spoiling them.

It is a Matter of…

We don’t want to offend the elders in Africa, but in our land we have a saying ‘Roses flourish where a mother strikes us’. Another common saying is ‘Raw chicken would be eaten without question if it is your mother that requests it’. In short, we all need protection and affection from our mothers.

Linen Pillow - Chicken Foot...


These pillows are made from antique textiles collected from Anatolian chests, which were woven using traditional methods and aged linens. The appliqués are made from antique sashes, with the symbols embroidered using natural threads, and the pillows are produced in a limited edition.

Keeps you cool. 
Are made from fabrics aged in antique chests. 
Produced in series, in limited numbers.
Can be used in the garden, bedroom, and living room.


These linens were used by Romans for making sails, while Ancient Egyptians used them to wrap mummies due to their ability to absorb moisture. They are also a famous traditional Anatolian textile, particularly those from the Kocaeli region, and are known for their durability. They are woven using flax roots, and for hundreds of years they have been used for many purposes, including for clothing and in dowries, as well as for swaddling blankets and cerement shrouds.

Peshtemal - Chicken Foot...

TRY230.00 -20% TRY184.00

Our peshtemals are made from the finest quality locally produced linen and cotton, and are woven using traditional methods. The symbols are embroidered using traditional flannel fabrics and natural yarns.

Highly absorbent.
Takes up little space.
Ideal for babies.

Can be used at the pool, in the bath, at the beach, in the sauna or Turkish bath, during sports, or at the Spa.

Global Charming - Chicken...


In order to add more meaning to your life, Mesele symbols from different cultures have been transformed into accessories that you can wear all the time.

Fertility, change, strength, endurance, cocklebur, soul protection, defence, love, maternal affection, abundance, good fortune, luck, peace, 15 different symbol charms bearing meanings of mother nature can be attached to the spheres on the chains.They can be used with your other accessories as well as the Global Charming. You can carry the symbol you chose with you or have the super power you like.

All hand made.
Durable and precious with gold plate on sterling silver.
Can be used with any thread, leather cord, chain, etc.
Having the power of symbol near you separately or attached to a safety pin