Hands on Waist (Fertility)

A Matter of Blessing in Anatolia

Anatolia is the cradle of civilization, with human history dating back to 6000BC. Here mankind expressed himself first through cave drawings, then with symbols, and later in writing. The Hands on Waist motif was used in carpets, pots, clothes and houses, and symbolizes femininity as well as fertility, faith and happiness.

It is a Matter of…

Don’t assume that our fate is already written and watch your life pass you by. Shape your own destiny by reminding yourself of the philosophy ‘Power without control is not power at all’.

Peshkir - Hands on Waist...


Woven on looms in the town of Buldan using traditional methods, with one side woven in bamboo, and the other in cotton, the symbols on these double-layered peshkirs are embroidered using natural wool thread.

Dries quickly. 
Lightweight and takes up little space. 
Kind to your skin. 
Ideal for babies. 
Retains its softness for a long time thanks to the bamboo content.

Can be used in the kitchen as a hand towel, dish cloth or pot-holder, in the bathroom as a face or hand towel, or at the dinner table as a napkin or place mat.

This special Anatolian cloth is known as the ancestor of towels, with the name coming from the Farsi Piş (front) and Gir (to hold). Found in many regions and palaces, it was used as a place setting or a napkin placed on the lap, and was given great importance in the Ottoman palace.

Ehlikeyif - Hands on Waist...



An Ehlikeyif is a special copper bowl in which you place ice around the outer chamber, and a rakı glass in the center; it then keeps the drink cool without watering it down. This is a very unique item with a very special use. Fill the outer chamber with water, add a few drops of scented oil, light a candle in the center, and the rest is simply a matter of pleasure.

Emits a soft light and a pleasant aroma.
Relaxing and comforting.
Creates a pleasant ambiance. 
If you remove the candle, you can use it as a classic Ehlikeyif.
Extra candle cartridges are available for purchase.

You can use this in the bedroom, in your office, in the bathroom, in the garden, during meditation, or when practicing yoga.

CONTENTS: Copper ehlikeyif, two candles, 10 cc natural lavender oil.

Peshtemal - Hands on Waist...


Our peshtemals are made from the finest quality locally produced linen and cotton, and are woven using traditional methods. The symbols are embroidered using traditional flannel fabrics and natural yarns.

Highly absorbent.
Takes up little space.
Ideal for babies.

Can be used at the pool, in the bath, at the beach, in the sauna or Turkish bath, during sports, or at the Spa.