Hei Matau (Strength)

A Matter of Strength in New Zealand

The Maori people are a native tribe of New Zealand that have lived in different parts of Polynesia and Australia since the 8th century. Sea life and fishing are highly important matters for the Maoris, and the Hei Matau, which is generally carved out of whale bones and represents strength, is a very sacred symbol. It is believed to keep them safe and give them strength when going out to sea, and is also believed to bring good health.

It is a Matter of…

It wasn’t in vain that our ancestors believed that the open sea could make us ill... Yet these natives have been walking around half naked for thousands of years, so they must have some secret we don’t know about. Let us learn from them, and use this knowledge to our benefit.

Peshtemal - Hei Matau...


Our peshtemals are made from the finest quality locally produced linen and cotton, and are woven using traditional methods. The symbols are embroidered using traditional flannel fabrics and natural yarns.

Highly absorbent.
Takes up little space.
Ideal for babies.

Can be used at the pool, in the bath, at the beach, in the sauna or Turkish bath, during sports, or at the Spa.