Ka (Protective Spirit)

A Matter of Protection in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian civilization formed the basis for many current-day developments and beliefs, and has influenced cultures from all around the world. Ka is the most important of the 7 elements which form the spirit in ancient Egyptian mythology. It is the source of life and protector of wealth. The Ka symbol was often used in hieroglyphs and in the headdress of Pharaoh, and it was believed that it served as a guardian of the soul after the body passed away.

It is a Matter of…

To those who say that we are all alone in this life, they are wrong. 5000 years ago the Ancient Egyptians said that we were born with protection. As we are mesmerized by the things they created and continuously asks ourselves how they did it, we can absolutely accept the concept of protection as real. In fact, we already have.

Linen Pillow - Ka...


These pillows are made from antique textiles collected from Anatolian chests, which were woven using traditional methods and aged linens. The appliqués are made from antique sashes, with the symbols embroidered using natural threads, and the pillows are produced in a limited edition.

Keeps you cool. 
Are made from fabrics aged in antique chests. 
Produced in series, in limited numbers.
Can be used in the garden, bedroom, and living room.


These linens were used by Romans for making sails, while Ancient Egyptians used them to wrap mummies due to their ability to absorb moisture. They are also a famous traditional Anatolian textile, particularly those from the Kocaeli region, and are known for their durability. They are woven using flax roots, and for hundreds of years they have been used for many purposes, including for clothing and in dowries, as well as for swaddling blankets and cerement shrouds.