Spider’s Web (Facts of Life)

A Matter of Creativity in Africa

The Akan tribe, who live on the shores of Western Africa, have a system of symbols which they call Adinkra, one of which is called ‘Ananse Ntontan’ which represents a spider’s web. This symbol denotes the intricate web woven by the sly spider known as Ananse, and symbolizes the complexity of life and the wisdom and creativity that is required to live it.

It is a Matter of…

Life is what you call a conceptual confusion. You don’t need to go to Africa to see that destiny plays a role. This is a subject that comes up very often in our homeland. Even if destiny does not have a plan for us, someone else will, often through intrigue. There is no point in fighting your destiny - it is already written.

Felt Pillow - Spider’s Web...

TRY350.00 -30% TRY245.00

To make the felt, the wool is first soaked in water, then the fibers are laid out, pressed, and beaten between wicker mats. Symbols are hand-crafted onto the fabric of the pillows, which are then pressed and beaten down further until the final felt fabric is produced. Copper zippers are then added, and the felt pieces are carefully sewn together to create the pillows.

Completely handmade.

Each one is unique. 

Soft and durable. 

Can be used to keep away insects, scorpions, and snakes.

Has self-cleaning features. 

Can be used in the garden, bedroom, and living room.

Ehlikeyif - Spider’s Web...


Gaziantep’s famous copper is known for the fact that items are made from a single piece of copper, without any forging. All of the symbols have been chiseled by hand.

An Ehlikeyif is a special copper bowl in which you place ice around the outer chamber, and a rakı glass in the center; it then keeps the drink cool without watering it down. This is a very unique item with a very special use. Fill the outer chamber with water, add a few drops of scented oil, light a candle in the center, and the rest is simply a matter of pleasure.

Emits a soft light and a pleasant aroma.
Relaxing and comforting.
Creates a pleasant ambiance. 
If you remove the candle, you can use it as a classic Ehlikeyif.
Extra candle cartridges are available for purchase.

You can use this in the bedroom, in your office, in the bathroom, in the garden, during meditation, or when practicing yoga.

Content: Copper ehlikeyif, two candle, 10 cc natural lavender oil.