Troll Cross (Evil Trap)

A Matter of Protection in Celtic Culture

The Celts are considered to be the ancestors of all of the races living in Europe today, and shared many beliefs with Scandinavian mythology, even using the Futhark alphabet. The Troll Cross is a talisman which can be found in Celtic culture, and was believed to protect humans, animals and buildings from evil creatures. It is believed that evil is trapped in the folds of the symbol, and it remains one of the best-known and most widely used symbols of protection in European culture which has survived to the present day.

It is a Matter of…

When we learned that we could protect ourselves with inward turning folds, we immediately started to try twisting these shapes, and wanted to share this knowledge with you. Unfortunately, we couldn’t succeed even with the most flexible of experiment subjects. Use the Troll Cross. Believe us when we say, it’s easier than getting yourself bent out of shape.

Linen Pillow - Troll Cross...


These pillows are made from antique textiles collected from Anatolian chests, which were woven using traditional methods and aged linens. The appliqués are made from antique sashes, with the symbols embroidered using natural threads, and the pillows are produced in a limited edition.

Keeps you cool. 
Are made from fabrics aged in antique chests. 
Produced in series, in limited numbers.
Can be used in the garden, bedroom, and living room.


These linens were used by Romans for making sails, while Ancient Egyptians used them to wrap mummies due to their ability to absorb moisture. They are also a famous traditional Anatolian textile, particularly those from the Kocaeli region, and are known for their durability. They are woven using flax roots, and for hundreds of years they have been used for many purposes, including for clothing and in dowries, as well as for swaddling blankets and cerement shrouds.